by Laura Hayden. Photos by Ana Larruy, styling by Catssac.

A few weeks ago -on one of my last days of holiday-ing in Barcelona- I got together with Ana Larruy & Alejandra Catalán (Catssac) for a little photo shoot that would feature on Alejandra’s blog).

After months apart, it was lovely seeing them, catching up, and spending a sunny day in our hometown together. HoraConfessions team (almost) complete!

The result of the shoot were posted a couple of days ago on, click here to see the pics :) 


by Catssac

(Zara shirt, Alexander Wang dress, H&M socks, boots by Zadig & Voltaire)

Denim shirts are one of my favorite items of clothing for this fall/winter. 

It is casual, easy to mix & match…and perfect for dressing down a dressy look. Here are some more examples of denim shirt combos. 

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by Catssac

Model: Olivia Franquesa

(Zara shirt, COS jumper, American Apparel shorts, wedge sneakers by Topshop)

Welcome to my first post on HoraConfessions!

As some of you may already know, I have been a stylist for the last couple of years. I met Laura a couple of months ago, & I’m delighted to be part of the new HoraConfessions team.

My section will be mostly dedicated to my monthly favourite items of clothing- and how I like to combine them. 

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