After skipping June’s tutorial (Gaby was away, I was in NY and the HoraConfessions launch got in the way), we wanted this post to be a bit special. 

After wanting to change my hairstyle for months, I made all of the changes at the beginning of the month. A couple of days after getting a fringe / bangs (thanks María Baras!), I went to visit Gabriel Llanno at Moncho Moreno (Madrid) to film the tutorial for July. 

Summer is the most fun season for my hair. Because I have time off, I can experiment with it- and not have to worry about it for photo shoots. Thats why I asked Gaby to teach me how to dye my tips pink. I’d never done something like this to my hair before, & knowing how clumsy I am, I didn’t want to take the chance of something going horribly wrong.

Using semi-permanent hair dye (so it doesn’t damage my hair), Gaby dyed my ends pink. He did it very subtly, just in case I had second thoughts once it had been done. I really liked it. So much that I bought some dye and did it myself once the lighter pink had faded. 

Of all the tips Gaby has given me, this is one of my favorites. The colour lasts about 6-20 washes (4-5 if the color is very soft). Gaby recommends using colour protect conditioner to prevent the colour from fading too quickly, & always reading the instructions of the dye you have decided to use, as the way you prepare the product or the amount of time you have to leave it on may vary. 

We hope you find this tutorial as useful as I did :)


False Eyelashes

Last Saturday the lovely Gabriel Llano taught me how to apply false eyelashes properly.

I’d worn false eyelashes before for shoots & events, but I’d never really attempted to try it alone. I’m a bit of a disaster when it comes to sticking them on: last time I’d tried was a couple of years ago, and the glue just ended up going all over my face, hands & eyes. It was something I wanted to try again, but knowing my luck, one of the eyelashes would lose stickiness midway through dinner.

Gaby asked me to bring him H&M eyelashes, as well as special eyelash glue (he recommends buying a special eyelash glue instead of using the one that comes in the box- it is not expensive & lasts longer). We met at our usual spot- Moncho Moreno’s salon in Madrid- and he taught me how to apply them, as well as customizing them to fit my eye & look more natural.

Here is Gaby’s May tip- I hope you find it useful :)